The Lions Sponsored Fun Run 10th May

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Freddie Angus  good 1

Well done to the Lions who have brought together young and old to accomplish this Annual Fundraising Event.

Brothers Angus and Freddie Dunn deserved all the attention, cheers and claps from crowds of well-wishers who lined the Dorchester Streets. Hundreds of spectators turned out, adding to the spirit of the occasion, to encourage therunners on to fame and glory.

Freddie and Angus both demonstrated enthusiasm, surplus energy and outstanding stamina as they both powered up the incline to the finish line overtaking hardened runners and still completed on full throttle with plenty of fuel left in their tanks. Both boys are delighted with their achievement.

Freddie said, “I’m glad I didn’t heed all the advice that I received or I would have ended up well overweight and totally unfit.”

Advice: Fill up with Carbs, eat as many bananas coated with peanut butter as possible, keep drinking water especially before you set off. Then seek the Doctors advice before you embark on a new programme or marathon. (The advice sounded as though it was written by the opposition.)

We were both sensible and had the opportunity to train for the run, as unfortunately the Boxing Club has been unable to operate fully due to army recruitment and building restructure.

Angus who completed in the race last year wearing corsets, suspenders and heels said, “I speak with painful memories and experience, we must choose our underwear and footwear wisely this year.”

Both boys are members of the Dorchester & District Amateur Boxing Club.

The Boxing Club is operating on Wednesday & Thursday evenings only.

For more info Ring Ben on 01305 832249.

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