Fireworks at Avalon

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Seventeen club members of the Dorchester & District ABC to the Avalon Dinner Tournament where fans were treated to 15 high class bouts of boxing.

Show opener introduced Luke Derryman from D & D ABC to box against Avalon’s own Dominic Willis in their first ring appearance. Instructions from the Ref, only left hand skills in the first. Right hand skills in the second, light sparring in the third. From the third bell almost immediately the youngsters were scrapping like two little terriers who rarely stopped punching. Both boxers came to box and they did just that non stop.
Deafening vocal support and stamping from the audience added to the intense atmosphere of the show. Both hands are raised in triumph at the finish of their first skills match to rapturous whistles and cheers.

Liam Legg from D & D ABC had his first bout against Tommy Weeks from Sturminster Newton ABC,
Good mates they have met before in a skills match.
The first round was a thriller with Tommy abandoning defenses and in an astonishing minute the two stood toe to toe in the centre of the ring, firing shots at each other.
The second was crammed with two fisted exchanges, both boxers scoring equally.
The third showed great courage and stamina with an all action finale resulting in hectic exchanges of combinations and uppercuts.
The youngsters both brimming with confidence produced a wide variety of skills with a workman like efficiency, they left their mark by producing the best action bout of the night, never to be forgotten.
Liam was given the verdict, but the bout was very close.

Angus Dunn D & D ABC was matched against Aaron Robinson Lympstone. Height & reach advantage proved to be no help at all to the Dorchester boxer as Aaron could bull his way through a brick wall.
The first saw Aarons’ determination to smash Angus into oblivion, but this proved to be a costly exercise for him. This merely gave our boxer an edge to his confidence. The first round saw the opposition chasing and menacing, launching two fisted clusters. A tight defense enabled Angus to catch or avoid his oppo’s heavy punches on arms and gloves. The second saw Angus working well off his jabs and straight rights, in the third round a massive straight punch reminded Aaron to be vigilant, it was visible that the body shots sent out by Angus were taking their toll as Aaron who previously looked quick, slippery and eel like was tired and floundering. Aaron stomped with his foot as he connected with a final blow, but it was a little too late to salvage the round.
Another points win for Dorchester , but it was an uphill struggle.
Angus said, “I knew I would be crazy to have a slugging match, he was so strong, I took my defenses sensibly and dividends paid off.”

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