Henry and Liam Wow Fans!

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In front of a packed venue Henry Jeff from The Dorchester & District Amateur Boxing Club racks up a serious win with a demolition job in a second round stoppage against Toby Davis Boxing for his home show the Sturminster Tornament 16th February.
Henry originally booked to box in Bournemouth, took a short-notice replacement against Toby who boasts several hard bouts to his credit under his belt.
Henry, this only his second bout could possibly be in for a painful whipping.
Toby attacking from the first bell, bore in with both gloves blazing a trail of destruction.
Henry showed tremendous courage and spirit by staying with him defending and punching it out.
Although Henry never looked like he would go down he didn’t look comfortable.
Henry flopped on the stool at the end of the first round, saying this is the hardest two minutes of my life
Friends and relatives are out there routing for me, they mustn’t see me loose.
The second round saw Henry putting his willing rival under some tremendous pressure, wobbling him and grinding him down with some rib cracking body shots and hooks. Midway through the round a fierce left rocked Toby back into the corner where exchanges went back and forth enthusiastically, gradually the immensely brave Toby was ground to a halt where the Ref signalled the bout to end .
Henry said I had to pull out all the stops; I didn’t dare think I was going to get a stoppage to my credit.
Geyser ringside said, “Henry didn’t panic, he boxed well against a very good seasoned boxer, this was an excellent performance on his first appearance since 21/4/12”

Liam Legg boxing out of the Dorchester & District Amateur boxing club didn’t fail to please as he made an all action packed encounter on Kieran Bailey from Wessex at the Sturminster Show.
The first round saw both boxer’s firing short punches to the body, but Liam did most of the chasing and tucked up tightly when Kieran fired back in retaliation, catching him on the gloves.
Liam skips back to the corner saying Kieran hits like a thumping middleweight.
The second saw most of the action at close quarters; Kieran could probably look a point in front as he had a massive height and reach advantage. The third saw Liam with renewed authority storming forwards to edge the bout with better quality punches. Liam finished the third with an eye-catching blaze of blows.
The verdict was given to Kieran; Liam said he’d like to box him again.

Liam boxed again on the Southampton Show 22/2/13 This time against head coaches Son Lennox Gill.
Lennox had an envious unbeaten record, but Liam’s not daunted he likes to box every week.
The first round Liam showed his true sportsmanship and made several determined efforts to out hit his more experienced rival, and Lennox didn’t get it all his own way being beaten to the punch some of the time. The second saw Lennox in command dominating ring centre where Liam had to do the dancing circling round firing punches behind a lead of fancy footwork. Everything hinged on the final round which was waged at a terrific non stop pace, in the end Lennox had his hand raised and Liam was the first to clap, hug and congratulate him.
Geyser Ringside said, “Liam gave a career best performance, but the experience of Lennox earned him the win.”
Over hot dog and chips Lennox invited Liam to box on his father’s next Tourney in March.
Southampton Coach invites Liam to spar at anytime, they must think he’s good.