Ollie, Liam, Angus and Sol star in Poole

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The Poole Tourney 25.1.2013 was jam packed with fans who gave phenomenal support to all the boxers throughout the Evening.

Show opener matched Ollie against Charlie Johnson from Poole, both boxers soon had the show off to a great start, like balls of energy in overdrive they brought the Stadium alive, if the shouting was any louder the roof would have lifted off.
The boxers started off testing the water with good straight left punches feeling their ranges.
The second round saw them achieving more adventurous moves that produced tremendously good
results with both the boxers taking advantage of any openings . The third round saw them brimming with confidence letting rip with explosive punches coupled with great foot skills.
A hearty acclamation from the crowd stamped a seal of approval for the two talented novices.
Both hands are raised as winners in the Skills matches.
This is Third time lucky for Ollie Luke- Breen. He’s been waiting patiently in the wings for this his first skills match.

Angus Dunn, Dorchester & District partook in a skills bout as a preliminary match before he attends the A.B.A School Boy Championships quarter finals in London with Liam Legg.
Angus starts off with his Customary trailblazing style of boxing taking the lead opening up with a few shots to the head of Connor Edwards from Poole.
Connor takes them well and returns with a cluster of shots while bobbing and weaving which unsettled Angus who is made to miss with some of his returning heavy artillery.
The second round saw Angus drop a combination over and through the guard of Connor, but he was able to defend himself expertly. The two took on a battle of wits and finished the round slamming away at each other. The third round was punch for punch as they showed courage, slogging it out till the final bell.
Both boxers were delighted with their efforts and again both hands were raised for the skills bout.

Liam Legg did everything off the jab his punches were straight but unpredictable he darted, ducked from side to side slipping stabbing rights inside the guard of Trey Noble from Team Wiseman.
Trey was no mug he landed a good set of combinations, but Liam hurled himself forwards into action again. Trey started the second by moving away from Liam’s more powerful shots luring him into a close battle where he tried to up the pace, but Liam pursued eagerly firing with both hands from unpredictable angles.
The third saw Trey slip inside Liam’s reach firing a few body shots, but Liam’s quick mobile footwork soon had him out of trouble ready to surge forwards again. The finale was timed perfectly showing both boxers firing combinations at each other. Liam was given the well deserved decision after he launched a final flurry finishing the round with a right shot.

Sol Gilday-Evans entered the ring as the underdog, but he was able to box with the authority of a true champion to put Liam Macmenemy from Yeovil in his place with a sickening burst of vicious blows in the first round which left him on the canvas.
Scrambling to his feet Liam looked like someone who had just survived an earth quake.
Sol’s reckless style makes him so awkward to oppose and such a great crowd pleaser.
He commenced the second round where he had left off, as the tumble left the opponent easy to hit, but Liam bravely covered up and soaked up more punishment.
The third round saw Liam charge out with a revived aggression and attacked impressively picking his heavy punches and making them count, showing a ruthless disregard for his opponent. Sol had to cover up and defend himself until Liam left his chin hanging out with fast reflexes Sol showed no compassion and thumped the target to stamp his victory.
This was an exciting bout with two well matched boxers showing skills and bravery at the highest level put to the test until the final bell.
Pete Ewan and Mark Sheldon Coaches for the Dorchester & District A.B.C remarked on the good standard of boxing throughout the Tourney, also that Liam Macmenery was a good boxer, who unfortunately got caught on the hop in the first few seconds, but he did a quick recovery job.