Liam Legg and Henry Jeff Shine at Sturminster Tourney

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Liam Legg 11yrs old from the Dorchester & District A.B.C & Tommy Weeks 10yrs old boxing out of the Sturminster Newton A.B.C both got the Sturminster Tourney off to a flying start with an action packed skills bout, giving a taster of the eighteen exceptional bouts that were on the Bill.
A barrage of deafening whistles and shouts went out for both Liam and Henry bouts as masses of family, friends and supporters from their Club came to give both boxers their support.
The atmosphere was electric, the exciting Rocky Music playing as the two youngsters entered the ring.
The pace soon hotted up as both boxers showed off their individual skills and experience.
Although only a skills bout both boxers showed good combinations and solid defenses.
Every punch they threw at each other just came flying back.
The boxers worked well behind well timed jabs and chugged away busily for the three rounds much to the delight of the spectators.
Both boxers received a standing ovation for their outstanding courageous and positive displays.
Skills contests are non decision bouts, where both boxers arms are raised at the final bell, the special bouts allow young boxers to develop experience and gain confidence in the ring.

The M.C. announces the eighth bout of the evening no-one can hear over the whistling and vocal supporters.
Henry Jeff a no bouter representing the Dorchester & District A.B.C boxing out of the blue corner weighing in at 65kilos against Zak Harrhy 63Kilos a five bouts record boxing out of the CWMCARN A.B.C.
Preliminarie introductions over : both boxers received instructions from the ref:
The first round saw Zac set a furious pace looking for an early stoppage, but the pace suited Henry who is fast, lean, mean & a hungry boxer who can sparr, skip and fire on all cylinders for hours.
It looked Like Henry had taken the first round.
Henry had worked hard for this bout to give his supporters and the public a good show.
The second round saw a tiring Zak with Henry full of vigor showing a defensive cleverness, Zac had to take a lot of Henry’s punches on his gloves as he covered up to protect himself.
Every so often the third round saw Zac land a crafty blow, but Henry beat him to the punch.
Near the final bell Zac began walking through punches to claim the bout.
Ben Geyser said. Henry can look back with pride and satisfaction at his first defence, showing full bodied resilience as he soaked up heavy punches from the much experienced strong prospect Zak Harrhy.