Joe Malpas and Sol Gilday-Evans Poole Tourney

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The Poole Tournament held on Friday 22nd March.

The bout where Joe Malpas from the Dorchester & District Amateur Boxing Club was matched against Bradley Axe from Yeovil lasted 30 seconds.
Bradley who was stopped in his first bout by Lowes from Poole was to take on Joe.
The first saw Bradley catch Joe on the nose, Joe retaliates snapping out a long effective left lead straining his shoulder, Corner man Steve Turner aware of the clash instantly waved the bout off.
He said Joe could well have gone on and pulled ahead, but I couldn’t risk him jeopardizing his chances in next weeks’ Championships.

A massive victory for Sol who made a mockery of pre – fight predictions in this re-turn match against Liam MacMenamy from Yeovil.
An electrically charged silence reigned down in the packed Lighthouse Leisure Centre Poole as a serious faced Sol Gilday-Evans flanked by two body guards jogged to the ring through an audience smitten in anticipation of the grudge match that was to follow.
During the M.C. introductions MacMenamy full of confidence, shadow boxed and punched the air to the tune of the crowds.
Liam came out fast in the opener, keen to establish himself as the genuine article, Sol picked him off cleanly refusing to let the Yeovil boxer get set up. Swaying and dodging Sol made most of Liam’s shots fall short, allowing him to counter and land punches on the rebound.
2nd round maintaining the pressure Sol boxed up through the gears, Liam looked tired from missing shots and was blowing hard. A good left seemed to anger Liam giving him a second wind coming back with a three punch burst, but the emphasis quickly swung in Sol’s favour as he caught him square when he dropped his guard just before the bell.
3rd round saw the Boxers showing grit and persistence both were putting every last ounce of energy into their work rate. Sol got into a rhythm, firing a rib cracking shot hitting the target and it left Liam looking like he was slowly losing his ambition to win.
The verdict was a unanimous decision given to Sol.

The audience prematurely anxious of the finale showed a massive, noisy appreciation to the boxers, by clapping and punching the air.

Sol said afterwards, Liam certainly looked confident, he’d done his homework and studied the DVD of our last bout. What ever I set up he was there in my face, I found this bout extremely hard.
That must have been one of my best performances to date; I’ve beaten him twice now.

Liam Legg Dorchester & District A.B.C is again heading for another hard bout by taking on the bigger Kieran Bailey at The Wessex Tournament on Friday.

Anyone interested in joining this fast expanding Club can phone Ben on 01305 832249.