March 24th 2013 Lions Fun Run Dorchester

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Members of the Dorchester & District Amateur Boxing Club took part in the Lions Fun Run.

Angus Dunn and Ollie-Luke Breen both elected to run in the 10k Run.
Ollie ran in remembrance of a family member and donated his Sponsorship to Cancer.
Angus will give his sponsorship to the Boxing Club Build Fund.
Liam Legg who ran came in first in his age group and Mum who also joined in was the first female home and given first place in her race.
Ben Geyser said I was well impressed and pleased they must have been ultra fit they seemed to wiz round the route.

Included is a photo from a few years ago showing the then Mayor Suzie Hosford with Ben Geyser, the day was an absolute scorcher, everyone was sweating.

The day was well organized (drinks & fruit) and every one received Medals and certificates.
Well done everybody.